Wedding dresses from Château Nadia worn by the”Occupation double” girls as part of the “Elle a dit Oui” TV Show

Trudy, Noemie and Stacey wearing Château Nadia dresses with Bridal consultant Sarah
Photo Credits: Hugo B. Lefort

Sarah from Château Nadia had the honor of being a guest on the set of the "Elle a dit Oui" Talk-show on ELLE FICTIONS hosted by Julie Ringuette. From engagement to first dance, every wedding comes with its share of unforgettable memories. Each week, Julie Ringuette invites a personality to relive, in memories as in music, the strong moments surrounding the day she said yes! Once again, Our boutique was honoured and ecstatic to know that we had been chosen as the go-to boutique in order to share our expertise and advice with Claudie Mercier ,who recently got engaged to Mathieu Pellerin. In the quest of finding her dream wedding dress, Château Nadia had the honour to present to her a beautiful and exclusive selections of wedding dresses according.

Not to mention, that this was presented to her as a wonderful surprise to Claudie who had no idea that her good friends from the “Occuption double” show would be wearing her selection of her dream dresses. It is in a magical atmosphere of the "Maison Principal" ballroom that Trudy, Stacey and Noemie, all three dressed up in 3 different styles, walked in the exclusive dresses from our boutique. 

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Claudie Mercier's criteria for her dream wedding dress

The open low back dress worn by Trudy

Trudy winner from occupation double from South Africa and a very close friend of Claudie's wore the Archie dress. A creation from the “Made with Love Bridal” designer and an exclusive brand in our castle. This wedding dress with a magical open low-back will make every bride’s dream a reality. The beautiful dress had a plunging neckline to highlight Claudie's tattoo which is in the middle of her chest. We were so happy to see her reaction when we presented her with this dress. She was amazed on how beautiful the dress is.

The boho creation worn by Noemie

OD winner Noémie Marleau wore the Dominique dress from the Milla Nova collection. A dress with a look that is at the same time bohemian and chic. It had long loose sleeves that fall perfectly on the arms giving this dress that dreamy look. Without forgetting the slit in the bottom of the dress for that sexy flair look. This stunning dress was definitely a show stopper and gave the beautiful Claudie plenty of emotions.

The detachable long sleeves wedding dress worn by Stacey

Photos Credits: Hugo B. Lefort

Stacey Gianno, the OD finalist from this season, had the pleasure of wearing a creation with a diverse look. A dress that can be worn in many ways. One of Claudie's criteria was the fact that she liked to have long puffed sleeves and the thin strap look. Château Nadia have combined the two styles to create a dress that can be worn with or without the sleeves. Without forgetting the silk fabric which gives this delicate look to the dress. A wedding dress that surprised our beautiful Claudie and that she adored. This dress is from our beloved exclusive designer Demetrios.

The perfect bridesmaid dress worn by Trudy for her song performance

Photos Credits: Hugo B. Lefort

In order to make the whole moment as magical as possible, the beautiful Trudy performed a song written by her for her dear friend Claudie. This song was to pay tribute to the love that Claudie and Mathieu share together and it’s the song that she wishes to perform at their own wedding. It is in a maid of honor dress from the Château Nadia boutique that she performs her beautiful song in front of the recently engaged couple. A delicate and modern bridesmaids dress with a silk fabric. The dress was three quarter and has an open lace back that gave a romantic touch to the look. You can book your intimate FUN bridesmaids appointment here!

An unforgettable moment for the Château Nadia wedding dress boutique

We had a blast with the “occupation double” girls during their dress fittings at our wedding dress store in Montreal. They found the place to be magical and loved our dresses so much that they did not want to take them off. Our boutique is so proud to be able to announce our partnership with the show and be part of the very first wedding tv-show in Quebec since the covid pandemic.

It truly felt like we were right in a dream when we saw Claudie's reaction when we presented her with the selection of wedding dresses that our stylists had prepared for her. Her eyes were shining so bright and we knew we had accomplished our beautiful mission. An unforgettable experience for the Château Nadia team, the favorite boutique and reference for brides in Quebec. Book your appointment now to try on the exclusive dresses that were on the show.