Netflix’s Bridgerton Is Inspiring Modern-Day Fairytale Love

In a time where each day comes with the uncertainty of pandemics, vaccines, racial divides, and political drama we remain certain of one thing - love will conquer all. This only became more true to us when we stumbled upon a fairytale Netflix drama that has a sense of wonder and whimsy along, duels, and with Gossip Girl-esque sorted storylines...may we introduce you to Bridgerton. Maybe we have been smitten by the regal palaces and estates or the jaw-dropping costumes that are fit for only the finest royalty. No matter what is it, we are hooked. And if you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for - it’s captivating!

Bridgerton is a story of young ladies, debutantes trying to find love...well a husband. The coming of age of these women in those days was, as they say in the series, the only thing they had. My how things have changed. While debutantes still exist today and the lavish balls still take place it is not the only way a woman can find a suitor. But still, Bridgerton has us swooning over each episode and finding it hard to turn off. As if we haven’t binge-watched enough shows over the past year, this one just feels different as it allows us to dream.

Maybe it’s the love that we have for fashion, our unwavering admiration of love, and the idea that fairytales did and still do come true. After all, there is a Prince for all of us, right? If you have already found your Prince Charming we can help you find your magical wedding dress. One that will give you all the princess feels, and have your spouse at the altar watching you float down the aisle in all your true beauty. 

Smitten By Netflix Bridgerton

So, what is all the fuss about and why is Bridgerton so captivating and binge-worthy. Well if the storyline of a young lady, Daphne trying to snag a husband by faking a courtship with a handsome Duke who vows to never get married isn’t juicy enough...Bridgerton is full of secret affairs, children out of wedlock, and Mommas who meddle too much, lie and manipulate situations simply for the benefit of their daughters. Oh! And there is also a mystery, unknown writer that publishes all the racy and juicy gossip for everyone to see. If you’re in need of a series that isn’t all about evil, killing, and all that bad stuff, we promise this one will inspire you to dream of fairytales and romance. 

Bridgerton’s Fashion Blows Away Viewers

Since we are let’s say “experts” when it comes to Princess attire we can’t help but be in awe of the fashion that was worn in the 1800s. Who wouldn’t love spending every day dressed in elegant gowns, hair, and makeup perfect as you stroll through royal estates? Of course, not everyone was afforded that lifestyle but for those that were, they rocked it. 

Even though the series and its drama captivated us we believe we were more inspired and impressed by the fashion. Here are a few things that we absolutely loved, and wouldn’t mind seeing come back in style.

Empire Waistline

The lavish galas and balls could not be complete without exquisitely dressed women. And in 1813 that meant rich and luxurious fabrics, empire waistlines, and delicate details such as cap sleeves or long sheer sleeves. These things combined create an absolutely dreamy and romantic look on any woman. What is an empire waistline? It is a gown that has a fitted bodice and a skirt that flows effortlessly to the floor starting just under the bust. It hides the curves of the woman’s body, which in 1800 was important, but still allows for a completely regal, elegant, and ladylike appearance. 

Glitz and Glam

Now you know our inner Princess spirits would not be complete without sharing our love for the sparkle. Seeing these magnificently designed formal gowns that were delicately adorned with crystals and sequins really makes our hearts sing. They seem to have a beautiful way of glistening under the lights...and we can’t help but LOVE them all. We especially loved Daphne’s gowns that all seem to be demure, understated but oh so romantic. Lovely shades of blues and ivories kept her look feminine, elegant and so sweet. Certainly, fit for royalty. 

Grand Ballgowns

Ballgown wedding dresses have been in style since ancient times. And in Bridgerton they reign supreme with the grand Queen’s glorious gowns. Designed to be over-the-top in glamour and fullness, exquisite gemstones, and vibrant colors - certainly fit for a queen. Our Bridgerton pick from our favorite designers are the Demetrios gowns, Milla Nova and Pronovias dresses.

Crowns & Tiaras

Of, course we would be amiss if we didn’t give any spotlight to the headpieces. Royalty-worthy crowns, delicate flowers, and rhinestone headbands were seen all throughout this romantic Netflix series. And in 2021 weddings it will be no different. To find the perfect hair accessories visit our boutique and find all your heart’s desires. Our talented team of stylist are ready to help you put the finishing touches on your bridal look. 

Netflix Series Bridgerton Inspiring Micro-Weddings

When true love finds your heart, no matter if because of a rouse or normal courtship it is hard to stop it. Daphne and Simon tried to fool their town but in the end, they found friendship and love. And when it came time to say “I Do” they chose to do it in a small and intimate ceremony with only their closest family and friends. 

Their beautiful ceremony is inspiring couples around the globe to keep things small and intimate in 2021. Just because you have a big budget doesn’t mean you have to have a big wedding. Some of the best, most enjoyable wedding experiences are the ones that are intimate. And we have the perfect wedding dress for your micro or intimate wedding. Schedule your appointment today. Our professional bridal stylist will make all of your dreams come true with your very own fairytale story.