Everything you need to know about a micro-wedding

So we know that with everything that is actually going on a lot of brides are thinking of postponing their wedding day. Well what if it does not have to be the case!

The ABC of planning a little ceremony

Micro-weddings are a way of celebrating love and union in a very intimate way with the people that are in your very closed circle. It's a small ceremony or gathering where the bride and groom can get married in the presence of their loved ones.

Things to think about when planning a micro-wedding

The Dress

You want your dress to represent your personality! When doing an intimate wedding a lot of brides think that they have to wear a simple dress. Well let me tell you that it does not have to be the case. Your wedding dress is what makes you feel like a bride on your wedding day so wearing a simple dress or a more extravagant one does not matter. Your dress needs to speak to you and your uniqueness. It is very important to wear something that makes you feel beautiful and that brings out that spark in you!

The Venue/Place

Planing a micro-wedding does require a few planned things but is fairly easy to organize. The second thing that you need to prepare is the location of where you want to celebrate you Union. An exemple of location could be in your favorite restaurent or in your a friends garden, or even in a rented house. The possibility are endless! Pick the venue that fits best your needs and the ambience that you are looking for.

The Photographer

One of the important thing to look for is a professional photographer! You want to make sure that you have a photographer that understands you and that you feel comfortable with. This is so important as you will keep those pictures for the rest of your life. You want to make sure that your photographer understands the vibe that you are looking for and that he will capture those precious moments that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

The Decor

Doing a micro-wedding does NOT have to be boring or plane. Yes you heard me well! Decorating for a micro-wedding could be as beautiful as a bigger wedding. You can always contact a few local vendors and ask them to decorate your private venue or make a cute backdrop where you could take pictures you and your guests. Another option for those of you that are really creatives I suggest that you DIY some decor. What better way to get invested in your wedding than being able to decorate your wedding yourself. Not to mention it will certainly save you some extra money that you could save for something else!

The intimate circle of friends and family

You then need to make a list of friends and family that you want attend your wedding and and notify them.

Having fun and making sweet lasting memories!

Lastly don't forget to have fun! Yes this is the most important part of it all. On your wedding day you want to make it memorable. Enjoy you day, eat cake, take beautiful pictures and lastly make sweet memorable memories!

Written by Sarah Alouache

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