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Pus size wedding dress Montreal

Hey, brides! We know, shopping for the perfect wedding dress is stressful for most brides. We are here to let you know that in our castle we celebrate every bride's unique self! Our boutique is happy to announce that we offer the largest and most beautiful selection of plus sizes wedding dresses. From bohemian styles, to princess fairytale we have the perfect dress for your shape and taste!

Today, we’re here to tell you that shopping for plus-size wedding gown in Montreal is easy! At Chateau Nadia, we celebrate ALL curves and have curated a collection of designer wedding dresses in sizes 0 - 34 in store for you to touch, feel and YES - try on. You see, fairytale romances and princess weddings do happen for all brides! And we can’t wait to introduce you to your dreamy plus-size wedding dress in Quebec. From the Ashley Graham by Pronovias to Made with Love and many more designers you will be sure to find your dream dress in our boutique.

Tips For Shopping For Plus Size Wedding Dresses in Quebec

To help you make your plus-size wedding dress shopping in Montreal an enjoyable experience, we put together this handy guide. We want you to feel like a princess, beautiful, pampered, and confident in your wedding gown decision. That’s why we joined and encourage the body positive movement and judgment-free shopping. Here we’ve laid out everything you need to know about plus size wedding dress shopping. 

So, make sure to plan and book an appointment

The Best Wedding Dress Styles For Plus-Size Brides

If you’re searching for the perfect plus size wedding dress in Montreal, there are a several options to consider to best suit your style. And to help you get started, our team of expert stylists have some advice on the best silhouettes to fit different body types.

A-Line Wedding Dresses

Looking for a wedding dress style that will provide more coverage for your hips and butt, choose an A-Line gown. These gowns are fitted through the bodice and have a skirt that begins to flair out at the waist. They are figure-flattering and not as full as a ballgown which makes them easy to wear. 

Plus Size Mermaid Wedding Dresses in Montreal 

News flash! Mermaid wedding dresses are not just for skinny brides. And actually, mermaid wedding dress styles need a woman with some curves to define the shape. If you a searching for wedding gown in Montreal that highlights your curves and helps you to feel confident, rock a mermaid style.

Sheath Wedding Dress

Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to wear a full skirt because you’re a plus-size bride. Those days are gone! Today, we celebrate curves and confidence. If you want a lightweight gown, without a lot of layers and crinoline, a sheath wedding dress is for you. This silhouette has a more straight design, the bodice and waist are fitted and then the skirt just continues straight down to the floor. There is no flair in the skirt making them super flattering for all sizes. 

Expert Stylist Tip: A corset (or lace-up back) instead of a zipper really helps to cinch in your waist, making you look and feel even more beautiful on your wedding day. 

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses In Montreal

If you have always dreamt of feeling like a princess on your wedding day, you’ll want to find a classic ball gown that showcases the most narrow area of your torso—your waist! Ball gown wedding dresses are an exceptional choice for pear-shaped brides as they highlight your smaller upper half with plentiful of volume and fabric on the bottom. No matter your body type, a ball gown wedding dress in Montreal will make anyone feel like a princess.

At Chateau Nadia, we have the widest selection of plus size wedding dress in Quebec and Montreal. So we make it easy for you to “Say Yes To The Dress.”

Make sure to plan and book an appointment

Wedding Dress Accessories For Plus Size Brides

Another great tip we want to share is to stylize your wedding day look with the right accessories. In today’s modern times, plus size brides have tons of options to complete your look. 

Belts & Sashes

Adding a belt or sash to your wedding dress will make your waist look smaller. 

Removable Sleeves

Another great idea is to add a removable jacket or sleeves. This creates two different looks, while covering your arms and/or chest area. 

Wedding Accessories

Glam up your wedding day look by adding some wedding jewelry. Chandelier earrings are great! Drop pendants look incredible with V-neck wedding dresses which can help you appear taller. A longer veil will also give you the illusion of looking taller.

Have An Open Mind

It’s a great idea to have some inspiration on what styles of wedding dresses you like before your appointments. Pinterest can be a great place to look for wedding dress styles, and it allows you to create a scrapbook of sorts that you can show your bridal stylist. Providing your stylist with photos of dresses that you are “visually” drawn to will give her an idea of the styles that she can help you try on. That’s a great place to start the journey to the perfect dress.

But the true secret to finding the perfect plus size wedding dress in Montreal is to have an open mind. Trust your bridal stylist to listen to what you like and what you don’t like while watching your body language. This will allow her to effortlessly present “YOUR” wedding dress to you. You see, pictures of wedding dresses are great because let’s face it - they’re pretty. But when you dig down into “what you like about the photo,” you may find that you really just like the look that is created by the style of the gown, the veil, and the setting. But the details on the dress, or the neckline or sleeves, etc., may not be your style. The more you communicate about what you like and don’t like about the photos you save, the better. 


And don’t worry. Because we carry unique and exclusive wedding dress styles as well as a wide selection of wedding dress designers or brands and styles, we’re sure to have the best plus size wedding dress in Montreal for your magical wedding day. So let’s schedule your appointment so we can introduce her to you. 

Call ahead to book your wedding dress appointment 

At Chateau Nadia, we have the widest selection of plus size wedding dresses in Quebec and Montreal. So we make it easy for you to “Say Yes To The Dress" but it's super important to book the appointements in advance. This way you ensure yourself a place in the most trendy bridal boutique in Montreal.

It’s Not Just About The Dress

Ok, well...maybe it is. But, no, seriously, there is a lot more to being a beautiful bride than just wearing a pretty dress. So, when you book an appointment at the bridal boutique, with the best selection of plus-size wedding dresses in Montreal, we will help you learn how to feel beautiful and confident in your wedding dress. 

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and one you will remember for eternity. We want you to fall in love with your dress and feel confident in it. To achieve this, we have a deep understanding of a woman’s curves, suggesting plus-size wedding dress styles that will look incredible on your curvy shape. We can assist you in navigating the sea of wedding dress silhouettes, shapes, necklines, sleeves, and more. And once we find the best plus size wedding dress in Quebec for you, then we’ll also show you how to accessorize the look so you’ll be the most exquisite bride on your wedding day.

Being a curvy bride is a beautiful thing. And with a fantastic selection of plus-size wedding dresses in Quebec at Chateau Nadia, you will feel like a princess, radiant and confident that you made the right choice. 

Book your appointment now to find your "DREAM WEDDING DRESS" in our Montreal bridal boutique.